Volvo resumes new vehicle sales in Hawaii after paperwork issue resolved

Editor’s note: This story has been updated since its original posting on Jan. 13, 2017.

Volvo can once again sell new vehicles in Hawaii after resolving an issue over faulty paperwork.

The Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs sent a letter to Volvo Car USA saying the dealership did not complete an application to sell vehicles. Its previous license as “Volvo Cars of North America” had expired.

That effect trickled down to the local level, and the company decided to suspend all new vehicle sales out of an abundance of caution. Dozens of employees were affected.

According to a statement from the Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs released Friday, Jan. 13:

At its December 20, 2016 regular meeting, the Motor Vehicle Licensing Board reviewed the license application and oral testimony presented by the applicant, Volvo Car USA LLC. After deliberations, the Board determined that the applicant had not yet provided the documentation required under Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 437-7(f) and as such, deferred decision making on the application. The application is in pending status until the Board receives and reviews a complete application.

Volvo of Honolulu general manager John Martinho says that “since that time frame, we have had over $700,000 worth of cars shipped to us that we’ve already paid for that we can’t get. So it’s just sitting at the docks right now. Some of them are pre-sold that we were expected to deliver to customers.”

The issue did not affect Volvo of Honolulu’s service operations or used car sales.

On Thursday, Jan. 19, Volvo of Honolulu received notice that the issue was resolved and the state approved the distributor’s license to sell vehicles in Hawaii.

“We are grateful to resume our full operations again and want to thank our employees for being loyal through this ordeal,” Martinho said.

The dealership is offering a 30-day price match guarantee on all Volvo vehicles.

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