Man arrested for shooting at officers with shotgun in Kahaluu

The suspect in the shooting fired a shotgun once into the police-subsidized vehicle.

Honolulu police report that a 42-year-old male suspect is in custody after shooting at police officers with a shotgun in Kahaluu Saturday afternoon.

It’s being called an unprovoked attack as the suspect shot at a police-subsidized car while three officers were leaving a residence on an unrelated call after 3:30 p.m.

An officer was reportedly in the car at the time the suspect fired his shotgun.

“Officers responded to a miscellaneous services type case, someone had questions about court documents, so two units arrived, they explained the situation, or documents to the party of the residence,” explained Lt. Phillip Lavarias with HPD Homicide Detail. “As they were leaving, a male at the bus stop across the street fired a shotgun.”

“There was one shot fired from a shotgun, which struck the vehicle in the right-rear quarter panel. Two other officers were just to the side of that and were nearly struck by the shot.”

Police say the suspect tried to shoot another round, but his firearm jammed, allowing the officers to arrest him.

The involved officers were not injured.

The suspect was arrested on multiple counts of attempted murder in the first degree, drug charges and possession of a firearm. He was taken to the Kaneohe substation.

“It was completely unrelated to the call at that residence,” Lt. Lavarias said. “It just goes to show you the dangers that our officers face every day.”

Male taken into custody in suspicion of first degree attempted murder, drug and firearm charges.
Male taken into custody in suspicion of first degree attempted murder, drug and firearm charges.

KHON2 spoke with a witness who told us he heard a very loud noise from his house.

“The sound was incredibly loud. As soon as I heard it go off, I kind of had a feeling it was a gunshot,” said witness Sean Casey. “That’s when I looked back and I saw the cops and I was just in complete shock. I ran into the house and made sure everyone was on the ground in my house, made sure they were safe. I was in shock for a good five minutes. I mean, nothing really happens in our neighborhood and for something like this to happen directly outside my house, is incredible.”

Lt. Lavarias says counseling is available for the officers involved in the shooting.


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