Kahaluu shooting witness, police union leader applaud officers’ restraint in situation

Three police officers are grateful to be alive and uninjured after a man started shooting at them with a shotgun.

The unprovoked attack happened in Kahaluu Saturday afternoon while the officers were leaving a home on an unrelated call.

Police say nine pellets struck a police car while one of the officers was in the vehicle. We’re told the suspect tried to shoot another round, but his firearm jammed, allowing the officers to arrest him.

Photo courtesy Sean Casey
Photo courtesy Sean Casey

Forty-two-year-old Glendon Young was taken into custody for multiple counts of attempted murder, drug charges, and possession of a firearm.

The day after the shooting, we spoke to Sean Casey, the resident who lives at the house where the officers visited, as well as Tenari Maafala, president of the police union SHOPO. Both men said they applaud how the three officers handled the situation without having to fire back at the suspect.

Casey says he’s still shaken by the shooting. “Any time something crazy like that happens, you’re always going to have that feeling inside of you that you’re not safe, you’re not secure anymore.

“But what really helped me was that the officers did an incredible job at handling the situation. They could have easily fired at him and shot him dead on the road, but they took all the houses around into consideration. I mean, they got him down without any other shots fired and no injuries to anybody.”

Maafala says “it could’ve gotten really bad in a sense that our officers were justified (to return fire) if, in fact, they had been fired upon this individual. But I’m thankful that they were very resilient, that they were being controlled and not overreacted to such a situation.”

The police union president said the shooting is classified as a critical incident. “Although they did not fire, just the thought of somebody shooting at them could have easily been very horrific and traumatic and tragic for any one of them.”

The officers are being provided with counseling and peer support and Maafala tells us they can choose to take time off or go back to work.

“It’s incumbent upon their supervisors and their beat partners to keep an eye on them, to make sure that they are in the right frame of mind before they go (back on duty). Our peer unit was out there, they did a debrief and one-to-one counseling with the officers, and it appears that they are okay.”

Maafala believes the officers did everything by the book and adds that the HPD is planning a district briefing for all officers involved.

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