More signs placed in effort to prevent Lanikai parking confusion

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell says discussions will take place after a second weekend of parking confusion in Lanikai.

He told us Monday a meeting will be held between the city Department of Transportation Services and the Honolulu Police Department to clarify each department’s role in holiday weekend parking and enforcement.

“There’s a couple moving parts. You have to put the board at the front, the sign board, and then you’ve got to put boards throughout the Lanikai area. Who installs, who pays, is part of that issue,” Caldwell said. “There’s no dispute, it’s HPD that actually does enforce, but as you know, they need warning signs up so they can actually cite and then tow, and we’re going to make sure the responsibilities are clearly delineated and going forward that we won’t have this occur again.”

More signs were put out on Sunday for the parking ban in Lanikai following our story Saturday. KHON2 told you about the parking ban that was not being enforced for the three-day weekend, the second time in two weeks.

On Sunday, it was being enforced and it took some drivers by surprise.

For more than a year now, officers have been ticketing cars parked along the road during three-day holiday weekends.

The city has said no signs are required for enforcement, but on Saturday, officers were not issuing tickets because they said there were not enough signs out informing people of the ban for officers to enforce it.


The ban is meant to reduce congestion on the loop and free up space for emergency vehicles.

We’re told those signs will be placed from now on to avoid any enforcement confusion in the future.

City Councilman Ikaika Anderson tells KHON2 more signs were placed along the streets in Lanikai on Saturday after he contacted Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

In a press release this week, the city said no signs were required to enforce the ban. On Saturday, however, we were told HPD couldn’t enforce the ban without them.

So which is it?

“You have two interpretations of the revised ordinance of Honolulu that seems to be the issue,” Anderson said. “I believe you have the Department of Transportation Services who’s of the position that the ordinances do not require the sandwich signs to be out to cite, and then you have the police department who is of the position that the signs must be out in order to cite.”

We went back out to Lanikai on Sunday and the parking situation was much different a day later. Streets that were packed with cars the day before were mostly clear by Sunday afternoon.

HPD was out patrolling the area and writing tickets.

Despite the signs being out, many people we spoke with said it’s still not clear where you can and can’t park.

“I wouldn’t have parked here if I knew I wasn’t supposed to,” Andy Takla, a visitor from North Carolina who received a ticket, said. “Cars were already here with no tickets and I didn’t see a sign.”

Visitors and residents said even more signs are needed to clear up confusion.

“It’s just not fair to the average tourist or resident from another part of the island that doesn’t understand what’s going on here,” resident Ruthie Kaminskas said.

We wanted to know if the ordinance would be revised again, so that there’s a clear understanding on whether the smaller signs need to be placed.

“Going forward, we need to make sure that the sandwich signs are out, and I will be working with the Department of Transportation Services to ensure that we continue to do that,” Anderson said.

On Sunday, we were told the smaller signs weren’t placed in an effort to cut back on costs. We’re waiting for an answer on how much it costs the city to place the signs.

Anderson said he would support not placing signs out as long as the ban was still enforced.

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