Mayor on corruption investigation: ‘Let the process play itself out’

Louis and Katherine Kealoha

The mayor is speaking out about a recent search of the city prosecutor’s office.

The FBI served a search warrant at the office Friday morning in connection with its investigation of corruption claims within the Honolulu Police Department.

Katherine Kealoha, a deputy prosecutor, is tied to a mailbox theft case which led to an investigation at the police department, where her husband is the chief of police.

Caldwell said Monday, “I think we need to let the process play itself out. We know that the federal government is doing an investigation. The search warrants are part of that investigation. We’ll have to see if anything is found out through that investigation.”

The Kealohas have not been charged with any crime.

Earlier this month, Chief Louis Kealoha agreed to take an early retirement after receiving a target letter from the FBI.

He’s set to meet with the police commission Wednesday to finalize his retirement agreement.

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