Hokulea departs Panama for Galapagos Islands

Photo: Polynesian Voyaging Society/Oiwi TV

Hokulea is on her way to the Galapagos Islands.

The Polynesian voyaging canoe departed Balboa, Panama, on Thursday.

After a momentous crossing of the Panama Canal, crews spent several days with indigenous groups, participating in cross-cultural maritime activities and sharing the meaning of the Malama Honua.

Hokulea’s voyage to the Galapagos will take approximately 10 days.

“Hokulea is back in Pacific waters after nearly two years and the Galapagos will be the first Pacific islands we will visit on this journey home,” said Nainoa Thompson, president of Polynesian Voyaging Society. “The Galapagos Islands will be an important mission stop where we will celebrate their sustainability efforts, identify parallels with Hawaii and bring attention to science, evolution and protecting the earth’s most fragile natural resources.”

A contingent of students and teachers from Castle High School, Kamehameha Schools, and Halau Ku Mana will travel to the Galapagos to work with the crew.

Hokulea will stay approximately in the Galapagos for approximately one week before setting sail for Rapa Nui.

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