Hawaii’s Most Wanted: Pekelo Sanchez

Honolulu police and CrimeStoppers are looking for a man who has 18 prior convictions and is wanted on a warrant.

They are looking for Pekelo Sanchez.

“On February 14, 2016, at about 10 a.m., an officer driving the Kunia area observed a green Jeep in the parking lot of Walmart with numerous traffic violations,” said CrimeStoppers Sgt. Kim Buffett. “She attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver in the vehicle fled the scene toward Kunia and headed toward Monsanto farms and collided into a security gate.”

“The driver got out and fled on foot and after an extensive search of the area he was located and identified as Sanchez,” Buffett continued.

He was arrested for unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle.

Now Sanchez is wanted on a $25,000 warrant for not showing up for sentencing earlier this month.

Buffett says he is known to frequent the Wahiawa area.

If you know where Pekelo Sanchez is, call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300.



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