Hokulea reaches halfway mark to Galapagos Islands

Hawaii’s voyaging canoe Hokulea is about halfway to the Galapagos Islands Sunday night.

The crew departed Panama City, Panama, last Thursday. They’ve traveled nearly 500 miles south-southwest so far, with 500 more to go.

“We’re all good, everybody’s having a great time aboard the canoe, weather is great as you can see, sun is shining, we’re all getting dark, but we’re having a lot of fun, take care, aloha,” said Hokulea watch captain Billy Richards in the crew’s weekly greeting.

The crew is scheduled to arrive in the Galapagos next weekend, but may be earlier.

Once there, the crew will be joined by students and teachers from Castle High School, Kamehameha Schools and Halau Ku Mana Charter School.

The Galapagos is a UNESCO world heritage marine site.

Hokulea’s voyage there hopes to celebrate its sustainability efforts, find parallels with Hawaii and highlight science, evolution and the protection of earth’s natural resources.

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