Large trampoline caught on utility pole among aftermath of weekend’s windy weather

Daybreak on Sunday revealed the extensive damage the blustery conditions caused overnight Saturday.

The Honolulu Fire Department says it responded to 37 wind-related incidents as of 5 p.m. Sunday, including 20 blown roofs, 9 downed trees and 5 power lines issues.

Total, from Saturday to Sunday, HFD says it responded to 155 wind-related incidents.

The National Weather service says peak wind speeds happened late Saturday and early Sunday morning. Oahu expereinced wind speeds of about 60 miles per hour, with one of the areas hit hardest being the Manoa Valley.

KHON2 crews went out Sunday morning and saw roads are littered with branches and leaves and low-hanging wired dangling in front of homes.

A portion of manoa road was even blocked off so that crews can remove a fallen tree trunk.

“That was very lucky the branch went right on the street nobody was driving no power was cut,” said Manoa resident Sergio.

And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, one resident reported a large trampoline dangling from pole.

“I saw our trampoline which is 13 feet in diameter fly up across the roof of our neighbors I thought it was going to crash into that and then it got caught on a telephone or utility pole,” said Manoa resident Jennifer Pang.

The trampoline was anchored, but a gust of wind then picked it up and it flew right pass the neighbors yard, all the way into another home.

“I’ve never seen a trampoline, a very heavy trampoline, go flying in the air its like if you were to take a piece a paper and threw it in the air and that’s what it looked like it probably went up 50 feet,” Pang said.

To make matters worse, the family’s bamboo fence was also blown down.

“We came out and realized that it was pulled out of the stone footing, it just ripped the entire thing out and now we have to get a new one,” Pang said.

Fortunately, the hanging trampoline only damaged shingles and a light fixture.

“We’re lucky its just banging the wall I think it just hit our light fixture my biggest concern is for the safety of our care home and that a fire doesn’t happen or anything else happens the sooner we get this taken care of the better,” said Jennie Gamage, assistant director of Manoa Senior Care.

The trampoline has been hanging there since 5 p.m. on Saturday. When we arrived on scene, we saw Hawaiian Electric assessing the situation, but more than 20 hours had passed.

“People should come address it right when the incident has occurred or at least within an hour or two from when it happened,” Gamage said.

“I’m just grateful no one was in the trampoline like my children i’m grateful no one got hurt,” Pang said.

KHON2 called Hawaiian Electric and asked why it took so long for them to respond.

A spokesperson said crews were stretched thin taking care of more than 100 separate power outages.

The HECO representative also did not know what information was given to the callers, but suggests if its a potentially dangerous situation to call 911 first.

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