H-1 at Kapolei, Makakilo reopens after emergency power line repair

The H-1 Freeway between the Kualakai Parkway and Kamokila Boulevard interchanges has been reopened Sunday morning after Hawaiian Electric crews replaced a high-voltage power line that fell during last weekend’s windstorm.

Replacement of the line, which crosses the freeway, followed substantial preparation of all work that could be completed without affecting traffic.

The closure was coordinated with the Hawaii Department of Transportation to minimize impacts to motorists, and the freeway will reopen earlier if the work is completed in less time.

The line, which crossed the freeway, fell the night of Jan. 21 after high winds damaged the poles that held it in place.

“It’s essential. It’s an emergency. The power line feeds the Grace Pacific quarry. Folks out of that area are familiar with it,” said HECO spokesman Peter Rosegg. “The two poles that were damaged carry the line across the freeway, and so Grace Pacific has been without power since the weekend. Not only is that bad to the workers, but they supply a lot of what the building and construction industry uses — concrete and so forth — so it really affects a lot of people on the island and we really got to get this fixed ASAP.”

Hawaiian Electric committed significant manpower to the project to ensure that the replacement of the line across the freeway is done as quickly as possible. Crews have already done site work and cut 6 to 8 hours off previous estimates of the time involved for repairs, provided the restringing work is done during the daylight hours. The highway closing would’ve taken much longer if the work were done at night.

The map below shows the section of the freeway – including access points to H-1 Freeway – that was affected by the closure.


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