Road projects could trigger second night of heavy freeway traffic

A traffic jam on the H-1 Freeway Wednesday night left many asking why it took hours to get home.

A viewer sent us a photo of the traffic at around around 10:30 p.m. It showed lines of stopped cars and brake lights stretching down the freeway.

We looked at the Hawaii Department of Transportation’s website and noticed two nightly road projects happening at the same time. One started Sunday and the other started Wednesday night.

A DOT striping project closed two to three lanes in the westbound direction, between the Waipahu off-ramp and Military Access Road overpass. Meanwhile, a rail-related project closed two lanes in both directions at the Manager’s Drive overpass. Kiewit was doing traffic signal work for traffic cameras.

Drivers should expect the two coinciding road projects again Thursday night. Both projects are expected to wrap up after that.

We reached out to both agencies to ask what they were doing to ensure traffic won’t be as bad.

A spokesman for the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation said their teams reported no heavy congestion or abnormal traffic impacts.

A DOT spokesman said he wasn’t able to go on camera, but it was likely the number of traffic incidents, so we called the Honolulu Police Department.

HPD says there were six traffic incidents in the area between 9 p.m. Wednesday and midnight, including stalled vehicles or vehicle accidents.

However, HPD said, “We’re not aware of any major injuries or traffic tie-ups.”

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