Cyclists, residents comment on placement of bike lanes along McCully Street

The city began work on new bike lanes along McCully Street last week. We checked on the work’s progress Sunday and how residents are adjusting to the idea of no street parking along McCully.

The city plans to place bike lanes on both sides of the street, which eliminates 20 parking stalls.

After walking up and down McCully and talking with residents, some like the bike lane and others had mixed feelings about it. But we found out that anyone who lives in the area knows that finding street parking has always been an issue, even before the bike lanes were put in place.

On the mauka side of the street, you can see new signage and fresh paint, indicating that the lane is only for bicycles.

Cyclist David Hecht said “I’m hoping that people will respond to that. I’m still hoping they respond more to the King Street one because it’s good to have bike riders.”

But while he likes the designated bike lane, Hecht is still very cautious. “No matter how nice you make these bike lanes, you still got potential disasters at every corner, just as you always did — like here, if you miss a light or something like that, you can get hit.”

Resident Rosita Wong told us the change is good. “The bike lane is really good,” she said. “It’s safer for the bicycle people and also pedestrians on the sidewalk, because sometimes they just ride on the sidewalk to avoid the cars and we have to fight for the sidewalk.”

We noticed the bike lane on the other side of McCully hasn’t been painted yet, but the vehicles parked there now will soon have to find somewhere else to go.

One resident who wished to remain anonymous said there’s already hardly any parking in the area to begin with. “I would think people will be fighting more to find parking,” he said. “It’s going to be more of a hassle than it is now.

“I see people at night just circling, circling, and you got to do whatever you can do, whether it’s legal or illegal, to find parking. … I guess now we know there is a bike lane, so we will be more aware of it, but everything else, it will take time to adjust no matter what you do.”

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