HawaiiUSA FCU: Keeping a budget as you get ready for the Big Game

People spend our Super Bowl Sundays in different ways. Some people simply turn the TV on to watch the halftime show and others throw huge Super Bowl parties. Just like any other event, this day can hit your wallet hard if you are not careful. HawaiiUSA reminds the viewers that smart money management is still important.


If you are going to a Super Bowl party, there are ways to be budget conscious. There are always ways to save on the things you bring. See if making your potluck dish is less expensive than ordering takeout. Look for sales on your beverage of choice. Maybe you can save a few bucks if you freeze your own ice for your cooler.


Also, like decorating, maybe it’s not the best purchase to buy the Super Bowl branded apparel or jerseys to wear for the big game. Everyone wants to sport their favorite team and player, but when you are trying to budget, is this something you can sacrifice?

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