Kamaaina Kids: Great party and wedding locations across Oahu

Kamaaina Kids have some many great locations across the state for their wonderful keiki programs. They also have access to great banquet hall locations that are perfect for parties and weddings, big or small. Three locations here on Oahu are Ewa Beach, Heeia and their newest location at Maili.

West Oahu has few banquet halls able to host an event especially in Waianae. Our Maili Banquet Hall is perfectly situated off Farrington Highway close to Maili Beach Park, Great for parties, banquets, reunions and group gatherings. Parking is free on the Maili banquet hall premises and on the street or nearby park, this hall has a capacity of 300.

They provide tables and chairs for 300 people, and one thing that makes this hall special is it come with a state of the art full kitchen where you can cook and bake, it also has a commercial refrigerator and freezer, and ample space for storage and prep work. They also provide wall screen and projector at an additional cost.

One of the main reasons that people select our halls is the ability to bring your own food, whether you are cooking or having it catered. Many facilities you actually are stuck with the catering service the hall provides which can get expensive depending on how many guests you have and per head cost. It’s a wonderful option that many people enjoy to make their own decision on their food and drink.

There are several gems that folks can find that provides discounts to our hall. The one that is coming up next is our forthcoming Kama‘aina Kids Mobile App which launches this month which we are very excited about. Folks that download the Kama‘aina Kids App will have a special opportunity to get a 10% discount on our standard hall rates for special seasons. Information will be within the App itself so check out our Kama‘aina Kids web site for when that takes place and download the app on Google Play or Apple Stores.

Kama‘aina Reservations has its own web site www.KamaainaReservations.com. You can find out the specifics for each hall and for Maili, you can submit an online reservation request to get you started which automates the process. This means you can do it 24×7 and not wait for business hours if you want to get the date reserved before someone else.

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