Getting you ready for Valentine’s Day with Watanabe Floral

When it comes to anything floral, Watanabe Floral is your one-stop shop, so gentlemen listen up! Compared to last year when it fell on Sunday, it will be CRAZY this year on a Tuesday. What is hard, is that for men, the Tuesday will sneak up on them, especially Taizo.  Monday morning people will remember and scramble to see if there are any delivery slots remaining for the 14th .  Should be a very busy day! But don’t worry Watanabe Floral is ready with close to 150,000 stems of roses and they are prepared to make in excess of 3000 arrangements!

For Valentine’s Day, their Masterpiece (1 dozen roses) use only Extra Long Stem Premium Roses, versus what most expect as long stem.  Watanabe Floral understands that Valentine’s Day is all about making your significant other feel extra special, especially at work, so getting flowers that are bigger than the others really helps!




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