Chinatown affordable rental complex opens wait list, applications available

Kekaulike Courtyards (courtesy photo)

An affordable rental complex in the heart of Chinatown is opening its wait list and taking applications for rental units.

Kekaulike Courtyards consists of 76 affordable apartment rentals with studios ($550-$615/mo.) and one-bedroom units ($705-$780/mo.) in three four-story buildings. Rents are subject to change.

A lottery will be conducted to determine the prioritization of the wait list. Applicants on the new wait list will be added to the existing wait list.

Lottery applications must be returned by mail only, postmarked no later than March 8, 2017.

Applications are available online here.

Mail your fully completed and signed application to:

Kekaulike Courtyards
1016 Maunakea Street
Honolulu Hawaii, 96817

In order to have the required date stamp for each application submitted, you must mail in, not hand-deliver, your application. Only applications received in the mail from the U.S. Postal Service postmarked before March 8, 2017 will be processed in a lottery to determine placement on the wait list.

All applications received with the appropriate date stamps will then be randomly selected through a third-party lottery process and assigned a number on the wait list. You will receive notification from Kekaulike Courtyards via postcard on your place on the wait list around April 21, 2017. The applicant holding the lowest lottery number shall have the first opportunity to be screened for the available unit for their family size. The next lowest lottery number will then get the next opportunity and so forth.

To qualify for the lottery, applicants must earn no more than 50 percent of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development’s median income for the City and County of Honolulu, which is currently $35,200 for 1 person, $40,200 for 2 persons, $45,250 for 3 persons and $50,250 for 4 persons.

Kekaulike Courtyards has a maximum capacity of four persons per household. Median income amounts shown are for 2016 and subject to change.

All lottery entrants will be notified of their assigned number through the mail. A low lottery number does not guarantee that a prospective tenant’s application will be processed or that the applicant will be selected for Kekaulike Courtyards. Applicants will first be screened to determine their eligibility.

One application per household. Duplicates will be removed from the lottery and/or assigned the higher(est) of the assigned lottery numbers.

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