Plea agreement in the works for Maui murder suspect

A Maui man accused of murdering his mother and aunt is expected to change his plea.

Keoni Tomas was first arrested in January 2015 after his aunt, Gail Otsuka, was found dead in her Kahului home. He was released pending further investigation.

Two months later, he was arrested and charged with murder in the death of his mother, Kimberly Vinuya.

According to court documents, Tomas told police he and his mother had gotten into an argument and, when his mother tried to stab him, he took the knife and stabbed her.

In late March, while already in custody, Tomas was indicted by a grand jury for Otsuka’s murder based on “the totality of investigation to include the DNA results,” according to police.

Now, attorneys on both sides tell us, they’re working on a deal.

Ben Summit, Tomas’ attorney, said, “We needed just a little more time to explain all the terms of the settlement with him just to make sure that everyone’s on the same page.”

A judge set Tomas’ next court date for March.

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