Cannabis expo strives to educate people about medical marijuana

The second annual Hawaii Cannabis Expo is wrapping up this weekend at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall as vendors from across the state gathered to promote the state’s growing medical marijuana industry.

With the third medical marijuana dispensary getting the go-ahead to start growing its product recently, expo organizers say they want to educate people about the growing business of medical marijuana.

Sunday was the final day of the three-day expo featuring products and information about the medial marijuana industry.

Patrons were able to learn the ins-and-outs of the business as organizers hope to shed some light on the health benefits of their products.

Christopher Garth of the Hawaii Dispensary Alliance says the goal ultimately is education.

“Yesterday, with the success of the continuing medical education program we help bring over, we have more doctors participating in legitimate medicine providing an alternative to solutions using heavy medication,” he said, “and the fact that our medical community is more receptive to that makes our job is easier and we are making progress.”

People were able to get information about how to sign up for the state’s medical marijuana program, as well as listen to a number of guest speakers.

A total of eight medical marijuana dispensary licenses were issued in April of last year.

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