Acting police chief expresses concern over handling of case involving an injured child

Honolulu police have launched an investigation into the handling of a case that involved a toddler being put in the hospital.

Police are opening an investigation into the handling of a child abuse case from nearly two years ago.

The child is 3-year-old Peyton Valiente, who was 17 months-old at the time. According to his mother nearly two years ago Peyton had to be taken to the hospital after suffering injuries sustained at an Ewa Beach home daycare.

Chelsea Valiente’s says when she dropped her son off at day care, he was fine. But hours later, she received a call from the day care, telling her that her son was having a hard time waking up.

Peyton was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries. This all happened in January of 2015, at a daycare run by the wife of a Honolulu Police Officer.

Peyton’s mother describes the call she received that day, “My heart dropped basically is what happened, and I immediately told the woman that was taking care of Peyton to call 911. When I got to the home and found my son lying there it’s a terrible feeling. It’s really hard to explain because it’s something that no one should ever experience, seeing your child laying there not moving and not responding. I can’t put into words other than it’s changed our lives. It was a devastating day to say the least.”

Peyton has since recovered. But now two years later, Chelsea is still searching for answers as to how her son got injured.

Honolulu police investigated and the case was eventually given to the prosecutors office who declined the case.

Acting Honolulu Chief Cary Okimoto said on Wednesday he wants to take another look at how the investigation was handled. “Reading the facts of the case I was very concerned. I have serious concerns about this case, and that so much so that I ordered for an administrative investigation regarding what happened. I want them to really look hard at reopening the case to see if its salvageable. I’m asking for an audit of all these types of cases to see where we stand and where we’re falling short.”

Peyton’s mom says she ultimately is hoping for the case to be re opened. “I’m hoping that the outcome is going to be positive for us meaning that people will be held accountable for how poorly it was done.”

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