Energy Innovation: Solar Thermal Water Heater and Sun Bandit PV Water Heater

RevoluSun is all about giving you a Smart Home, but do you know the difference between a solar thermal water heater and a sun Bandit PV water heater? Solar thermal water heaters like theirs work by pumping water up to collector panels on the roof where the water is heated by the HEAT of the sun. Then that heated water passes through the pipes, in a pressurized system, sometimes over the roof or through the attic, back to the tank where it is stored.

Sun Bandit systems require much less maintenance and have far fewer failure points than traditional solar thermal systems. One reason is that pressurized water isn’t traveling in pipes in extreme temperatures. Complicated plumbing, especially L-joints [show L-joints if there are any visible], increase the points of failure. With a SunBandit PV water heating system, there actually isn’t any plumbing at all because the water just stays in the tank.

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