Hawaiian Humane Society finds new home for peacock

Photo: Hawaiian Humane Society

The Hawaiian Humane Society just adopted out a unique animal.

A resident found a peacock and brought him into the humane society a few days ago.

The shelter held the peacock, which was named Kevin, for 48 hours as required by law to ensure he wasn’t someone’s lost pet.

“When he was brought in, the staff could handle him, so that’s why we thought he was someone’s pet. He wasn’t completely wild,” said Suzy Tam with the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Kevin was made available for adoption Thursday and found a new home within hours.

“Kevin is special. We don’t get peacocks in very often, and they don’t come up for adoption very often,” Tam said.

Kevin is around 2 years old and is considered a fully grown adult peacock. The humane society says it could not release Kevin into the wild.

“Number one, it’s illegal to release any animals. That’s considered animal abandonment, so we wouldn’t do that,” Tam said. “It’s inhumane for an animal, especially if we believe it was domesticated, to be out in the wild, because he may not be able to fend for himself. He may not know how to forage for food. We can’t be 100-percent sure, so we really prefer someone in the community to really care for him, feed him, and make sure he’s safe.”

The society says peacocks are noisy and risk violating nuisance laws, which is why it recommends the animals be kept on agricultural land.

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