Hawaiian Music Walk of Fame coming to Kalakaua Avenue

Hawaiian Music Walk of Fame rendering

A Hawaiian Music Walk of Fame is in the works in Waikiki.

This Hollywood-inspired attraction would honor music legends such as Alfred Apaka, Gabby Pahinui, and Don Ho.

Their images and stories would be placed in front of Cheeseburger in Paradise along Kalakaua Avenue.

Bronze plaques would be installed along the building with inscriptions on the sidewalk and QR codes that share the story of each legend.

Organizers want to inspire the next generation, as well as tourists from around the world, to learn about the history and impact these musicians have.

“We don’t want children to forget about it,” said organizer Margaret Bukatz. “This is not a high-maintenance project when it’s constructed, but we want to collect money through galas and things like that, because every year, we want to sponsor one Hawaiian child that has extreme music ability.”

The city says a permit has already been issued for the project, though much of it will be done on private property.

Plaques are expected to be installed over the next few months with sidewalk construction expected to begin in May.

The initial installment will feature seven legends, though organizers hope to add to the lineup in the future.

Click here for more information.


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