Rainbow Wahine interim coach calls Ah Mow-Santos the perfect hire

Jeff Hall

University of Hawaii women’s volleyball interim head coach Jeff Hall was a candidate for the permanent job after Dave Shoji’s retirement, but that doesn’t stop Hall from giving heavy praise to Robyn Ah Mow-Santos.

“I think that it’s a great hire. It’s perfect,” Hall said of Monday’s announcement that Ah Mow-Santos would take over the Rainbow Wahine program.

“If you just step back and think about all of the other candidates people talk about, she’s absolutely the best hire for the job,” he said. “David Matlin did an unbelievably great job. I’m just really proud of her and know she’ll do a great job. Anything that Robyn Ah Mow puts her mind to, she exceeds at.”

Hall, the current head coach of the Rainbow Wahine beach volleyball team, is filling in as interim head coach of the indoor team until Ah Mow-Santos makes her full-time move to Hawaii in July.

He coached with Ah Mow-Santos under Shoji in 2015 as associate head coach, a position he has held since 2015.

“I have spoken with Robyn but we haven’t talked about my role on the staff,” Hall said. “I’ve worked with Robyn on the men’s staff and on the women’s staff. I love her dearly I think she’s an amazing coach. I would love the opportunity to coach with her again. That’s her decision and I’ll respect whatever decision she makes.”

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