Why actress Sarah Wayne Callies always dies in the 3rd season

Sarah Wayne Callies currently plays Katie Bowman on the USA Network original series “Colony.”

But she almost didn’t get the role.

“They knew they didn’t want me,” Callies told Hollywood Today Live, which is owned by Nexstar, KHON2’s parent company. “They said, ‘We don’t really want anyone from ‘The Walking Dead.’ It’s got its own separate brand, so thank you for your interest, but please move along.'”

The Punahou graduate says her persistence paid off.

“I really had to fight,” she admitted. “I put myself on tape. I fought like hell to just get them to watch it. Maybe 12 hours after they watched it, I had the offer.”

Callies seems to be drawn to disaster-type scenarios. “Colony” takes place in the wake of a mysterious alien invasion. Her last major stint, on the hit television show “The Walking Dead,” had her battling zombies.

So it may not come as a surprise that Callies herself keeps a go bag handy.

“I’ve got a water filter, and I’ve got a first aid kit, and I’ve got some dehydrated food,” she said. “Some knives, some duct tape.”

Callies hopes her character on Colony breaks the tradition of her previous roles.

“I die on the third season of every show I’m in,” she said. “I’m two for two, so if there’s another season of ‘Colony,’ like spoiler alert, season three, we know how this is going to go.”

Her character on “Prison Break,” however, didn’t stay dead.

Dr. Sara Tancredi is slated to return in the “Prison Break” reboot when it premieres this April on KHON2.

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