Kalaheo High School students arrested, released after threats posted to social media

Honolulu police officers will patrol Kalaheo High School for a second day after threats were made against the school.

Three students were arrested for terroristic threatening Wednesday, and later released while police continue their investigation.

Sources tell us the boys made multiple threats on social media against the school, and one of them posted a picture of a gun.

Sources say a parent reported the threat to the school, and the school notified police.

Sources say this is the first time the teens have been arrested, and when questioned, they told officers that they were just joking.

Whether the threat is serious or not, police and school officials have to take it seriously, so there are severe consequences for those threats. Terroristic threatening is a felony offense, and the teens also face suspension from the school.

Internet crimes expert Chris Duque says this is why parents should be having regular talks with their kids about what they post on social media.

“Sitting down with them and explaining to them that this is not kid’s stuff,” he said. “They’re going to use these devices, there are some consequences in using the device, and if you misuse it, there might be criminal consequences that they might have to face.”

Duque says while it may not be popular, parents should have the passwords that would allow them to access their kids’ social media pages.

“Not so much to spy on the child, but in case something bad happens, if the child is abducted, law enforcement or the authorities may be able to get into the device,” Duque said.

As for how the situation was handled, parents say they should have been told about the situation sooner and received more information.

Kaui Gerona says she heard about it from her son well before the school notified her.

“We found out that the kids were texting each other, saying someone had a gun someone posted on Instagram that they’re coming to shoot someone, and it was just freaky,” Gerona said. “It’s scary as a parent to know that that happens at your son’s school.”

The Department of Education says it sent an automated phone message to parents around 9:30 a.m. and again at around 11:30 a.m.

But Gerona says the lack of information was troubling.

“Stating that the situation on campus was taken care of and that police will be on campus for the remainder of the day. There was no explanation or anything,” she said.

The school sent an email to parents with more information later that evening.

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