U.S. Post Office boosts security after mail thefts

The United States Postal Service wants to stress, it doesn’t take mail theft lightly.

The USPS said because of a recent rash of mail theft all around the island, blue collection boxes will be getting a security upgrade so that the mail put in the boxes ends up where it should.

KHON2 did a story last December about an entire blue mailbox that was ripped up and stolen right outside the post office in Kapolei.

Brian Shaughnessy with USPS says this isn’t the only case of a blue mailbox being tampered with or stolen. “This is an unusual crime for Hawaii we have seen this kind of theft incident more so on the West Coast in the mainland but we are determined to arrest every single person who has been doing this in recent months.”

According to Shaughnessy the blue collection boxes that have been the target for theft bring a steep fine if the thieves are caught. “Mail theft is a serious federal felony punishable by up to five years in prison with a fine of up to $250,000 per account, so these are serious crimes and we want people to report to us when they feel their mail has been stolen.”

The USPS says a $10,000 reward will be given to anyone with information that leads to the arrest, prosecution of and conviction of a mail thief. Because of the recent thefts, they’re advising you to consider dropping your mail off at a post office or giving it directly to your mail carrier.

The postal service isn’t releasing when and where the security upgrades will take place but the process is ongoing.

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