RevoluSun: Fighting the common misconception in the Solar Industry in Hawaii

People thought that solar was dead in Hawaii or that tax credits were a thing of the past. They read gloom-and-doom stories in the paper and think solar was over, but that’s just not true! Solar is alive and well and RevoluSun has all the correct information. In fact, it has never been this easy to go solar! For a Self-Supply system, you can get approval in about 30 days and there are still 30% federal and 35% state tax credits.

HECO’s current program called Self-Supply pairs a PV system with an onsite battery to store your own power. Another misconception is that batteries make getting a solar system too expensive. Truth is, the price of panels and batteries have come down so much in the past few years that a PV system with a battery costs the same as a solar system without the battery did a couple years ago.  So now you get free energy from the sun plus a backup power supply for when the grid goes down.

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