Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ headquarters complex near completion

(KPIX/CNN) — It’s massive, period, and it looks like a spaceship That’s the actual nickname for Apple’s new headquarters complex in Cupertino, California that is near completion.

The main building is made out of curved glass from Germany and will house 13,000 employees.

The complex is a perfect circle a mile around.

Apple broke ground on their new campus, affectionately nicknamed “the spaceship” back in 2013, and will spend the rest of the year putting the finishing touches on the building and surrounding landscaping.

The company’s spokespeople have been cagey and won’t nail down exactly how much their new home is going to cost, although most estimates put it in the neighborhood of $5 billion.

But customers like neighbor Eric Blanco say they would expect no less from a company known for its cutting edge technology and innovative design. “They didn’t invent the cell phone, but they revolutionized it. That’s what they do. They stir things up, spice it up, take it up a notch, so the spaceship is just historic,” he said.

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