Repeat methamphetamine offender gets 10 years in prison

Ricardo Navor Jr.

Ricardo Navor Jr., 42, of Hanamaulu, was sentenced Tuesday to serve 10 years in prison for methamphetamine and illegal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Navor was arrested in January 2012 in possession of more than seven grams of methamphetamine and associated paraphernalia commonly used in the packaging of drugs for distribution.

Originally placed in the Kauai Drug Court program, Navor was then arrested in March 2015, again in possession of methamphetamine. Navor was subsequently terminated from Drug Court and placed in the HOPE probation program for high-risk probationers. But he repeatedly failed to comply with the terms of probation, ultimately leading to Tuesday’s revocation of probation and resentencing.

Navor was sentenced to serve 10 years prison for one charge of Promoting a Dangerous Drug in the second degree and concurrent five-year terms for Promoting a Dangerous Drug in the third degree and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Prosecuting Attorney Justin F. Kollar said “we strongly believe in affording those struggling with addiction every opportunity to get treatment as an alternative to incarceration, but that requires the buy-in and participation of the one who needs the help. In this case, that wasn’t there and prison was the only alternative sufficient to protect the public.”

Navor has a prior felony conviction for first-degree Terroristic Threatening and three misdemeanor convictions for Abuse of a Family or Household Member.

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