Career criminal ‘Gingerbread Man’ receives 20-year sentence

A career criminal known as the “Gingerbread Man” received a 20-year sentence Monday morning.

Amery Kahale-Sugimura has 20 prior convictions and had pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including auto theft and drugs.

His most recent arrest occurred on Thursday, Feb. 16, after the 38-year-old allegedly violated the conditions of his supervised release, resulting in more than $1.53 million in outstanding warrants.

During Monday’s sentencing, Kahale-Sugimura apologized to the judge who had given him a chance by sending him to a residential drug rehabilitation facility.

“I never go over there thinking for run. I went there for try change,” he said. “The thing that really got me was, I was put through this contract, scrubbing this bucket from 6:30 in the morning until 12 at night, and all that time doing this, was like the devil and angel, you know? I fighting with my mind, run, stay.”

“I picked that program because it’s the strongest medicine that I know of,” said Judge Dean Ochiai. “Now is the time in which the court will have to deem that punishment outweighs rehabilitation.”

Kahale-Sugimura also has to pay $19,858 in restitution fees.

It will be up to the Hawaii Paroling Authority to determine his minimum sentence.

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