Colorado family miraculously survives truck toppling on to car while in traffic

(KCNC/CNN) — A Colorado mother is forced to watch as her young daughter is nearly crushed in an accident by a toppled semi-trailer.

Amazingly, the child and her entire family survived the ordeal.

What was supposed to be a fun getaway quickly became a nightmare for the Harvey family.

Wayne Harvey says the he was driving down Interstate 70 when “we see this semi-trailer slowly come on top of us, and it fell on top of my head.”

High winds threw a semi on their car, with their one- and three-year-old daughters sleeping in the back in their car seats.

The weight of the semi crushed the roof and it was slowly collapsing towards one-year-old Echo’s head.

Through tears, Lauren Harvey says “it is just unexplainable to be a mom and to witness something crushing over your baby. It is just the worst feeling in the world. I see it every time I close my eyes. I just see she was sleeping, and her hands and feet were so peaceful, and I am about to watch this thing just crush her.”

The semi dragged the family car more than a hundred yards. But, to witnesses’ surprise, everyone got out of the car alive and without a scratch. Wayne Harvey did, however, suffer a concussion.

Shocked at what just happened, Lauren Harvey held her daughters, and with the love and assurance only a child could provide, her three-year-old daughter Estelle reminded her that everything was going to be okay.

The family hopes to purchase another Volvo, because they think its durability helped them survive. The Harvey have established a GoFundMe account to help with the purchase of a new car.

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