Kalihi Valley first to test city’s restricted parking zones project

No permit? No parking!

We’re not talking about a parking lot or structure, but the street outside of your home.

The city is testing out restricted parking zones — a pilot project about to begin in Kalihi Valley that will only affect Alu, Jennie, and Wilson streets. Officials want to see if this will help with the parking crunch in that neighborhood.

So how will the Restricted Parking Zone Pilot Project work? If it helps, will it be used in other neighborhoods across Oahu?

Christopher Wong, the Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board chair tells us that this project is a good solution to limited street parking in the area.

“We have an area that is kind of confined, the Wilson Tract area, so it’s easy to monitor and it’s easy to roll out and implement,” he said.

Starting Saturday, April 1, residents will be allowed up to two permits for their vehicles and two permits for visitors to park on the street. Right now, there’s no cost for permits, but we’re told that could change in the future.

The city will check on the pilot project every month and make changes if needed.

Honolulu police will enforce the parking restrictions if they receive complaints. At first, officers will be giving out warnings, but vehicles could eventually be ticketed or towed.

We asked city council member Carol Fukunaga if we’ll see this project expanded to areas like Waikiki, where street parking is also scarce.

“I really can’t say,” she said, “but I think the Department of Transportation Services is really interested in looking at what works in other jurisdictions, and whether or not those solutions may be viable here with respects to other regions.”

Residents on the affected streets were mailed instructions on how to apply for permits. The deadline is Monday, March 20.

If you didn’t receive anything in the mail, contact the city Department of Transportation Services.

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