Local musician grateful for return of prized guitar

Photo: Barry Flanagan

A local musician’s plea for help has been answered.

Barry Flanagan of the group HAPA says his stolen guitar has been found.

“I think it was given to someone to just play, and he recognized the guitar when he saw it and then saw the stories on TV and just did the right thing,” Flanagan told KHON2. “(He) called and said, ‘I don’t want to just drop the guitar off anonymously. I want to meet and make sure it’s in your hands.’ He asked for no money.”

Flanagan says someone took the guitar from the trunk of his car more than a week ago.

He says he’s had the instrument for 36 years and being without it left a huge void. He even appeared on our newscast, asking for its safe return.

“It might be hard for people to understand the connection to an instrument, but it really is the way your heart speaks, and when it’s taken away, my heart felt muted,” he said. “I can’t tell you the gratitude I feel toward you guys and everyone that got involved to help make this happen. God bless you all. Thank you so much.”

Flanagan says the guitar somehow ended up in the right hands and was returned to his wife.

He is currently on Maui for a performance, but says he’s looking forward to playing his guitar again.

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