Kamaaina Kids: Spring Break Cupcakes

Kamaaina Kids joins us in the Living808 studio to give us a recipe for parents and kids to work on together over spring break. It’s easy to do cupcakes!


Mini and large marshmallows
Colored sugar sprinkles
Ready bake cupcakes
Ziploc bags
Clean scissors


Cut marshmallows diagonally, each cupcake uses about 20 mini marshmallows or 3 large marshmallows.

Add colored sugar sprinkles to the ziploc bag with marshmallows and shake. The sugar will automatically stick to the inside of each marshmallow because it is sticky. Shake bag until sugar covers all the marshmallows.

Ice your cupcakes and begin adding your marshmallows. Starting around the outside of your cupcake and work yourself in.

For younger kids, you can use the larger marshmallows which will be quick and easy for them to make.

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