Police commission on chief posting: lots of questions, no applications yet

It’s only been three days since the job for chief of police opened, and the Honolulu Police Commission says it has not yet received any completed applications.

It did, however, field a lot of inquiries about the position, and applications have been requested.

All applications must be received or postmarked by April 3, after which the commission will start going through them.

“This is only the beginning, trust me,” said commission chairman Max Sword. “We’ve got to go through the assessment process and evaluating them and ranking them and the whole nine yards.”

HPD’s last chief, Louis Kealoha, retired on March 1 after 33 years of service. It’s a decision he made amid a federal investigation into conspiracy and corruption, also involving his wife, city deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha.

The position includes an annual salary of $182,088 with $8,320 standard of conduct pay.

The commission hopes to have a citizen selection committee in place before June to help vet the applicants.

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