Questionnaires sent to potential jurors in Peter Kema Sr. murder trial

It’s one of Hawaii’s biggest mysteries. What happened to “Peter Boy” Kema 20 years ago?

Next month, his father, Peter Kema Sr., will stand trial for the murder of his son, who was only six when he went missing.

This week, questionnaires are being sent to prospective jurors in the case. It’s unclear how many people received the questionnaire or how big the jury pool will be.

In December 2016, Jaylin Kema pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter for the death of her son, and agreed to testify against her husband. As part of the deal, she can be released from jail at the end of next month.

The focus now shifts to Kema Sr.’s murder trial, which is scheduled to start on Tuesday, April 25, in Hilo.

Possible jurors are being sent a questionnaire that asks whether or not you’ve even heard about the case, and if so, do you have an opinion on Peter Kema Sr., whether he’s innocent or guilty.

Two other questions have to do with domestic violence.

During Jaylin Kema’s court appearance in December, deputy prosecutor Ricky Roy Damerville said she was afraid to help her son because she was afraid of her husband “and based upon that fear, she declined to acquiesce in allowing the child to be taken out of the home.”

The questionnaire goes on to ask if you know or know of Peter Kema Sr. or Jaylin Kema, and finally, whether you feel you can be a fair juror.

Prospective jurors have until April 5 to turn in their answers.

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