Hawaii’s Most Wanted: Aupiu Savea Ah You

A man with more than a dozen prior convictions who was once arrested for hitting someone with a wrench has been found.

Aupiu Savea Ah You was arrested on July 5, at approximately 3:05 p.m., on Moanalua Road for two contempt warrants totaling $50,000.

Sgt. Kim Buffett of Crimestoppers says that “on March 4th, 2014, an officer on patrol observed two males riding a moped near Sheridan Street and attempted to do a traffic stop due to numerous traffic violations. One of the males stopped and was identified as Ah You, and the officer ran a check of the moped which at the time was not reported stolen.

“Two days later, on March 6th, the officer observed the moped at Pawaa Park and ran another check, got an address for the owner, proceeded to the home, and found the moped was an unreported stolen moped,” she said.

Ah You was arrested for operating a stolen moped. He was also arrested in May 2014 for hitting someone with a wrench, and for drugs.

He was wanted on two $25,000 warrants for not showing up for a hearing last month. He has 13 prior convictions.

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