$20 million requested for Ala Moana Beach Park improvements

The city is adding more than a dozen full time positions to it’s Ala Moana park staff. This is just part of the mayor’s plan to improve the park with many projects already underway.

Increased staff will mean the park will have two shifts of workers maintaining the park. Work on the park is ongoing and the city is looking for an eight digit sum to continue the improvements.

Crews have already repaired the Magic Island jogging track and begun work on improving the park’s irrigation system.

The city is in the process of adding 14 more full time employees to the Ala Moana Regional Park Staff. They will be in charge of keeping the city’s busiest park in good shape.

Here’s the breakdown, there will be seven new groundskeepers, five park caretakers, one building maintenance worker and a groundskeeper supervisor.

The city says the new positions are just part of the mayor’s plan for the park in the coming years.

Something Council member Trevor Ozawa is on board with, “A good park is universal whether or not you’re a tourist or a local resident. I think that’s something we can all look towards. Let’s put the money to good use and take care of the beach and take care of the restroom facilities. Make the parking better.”

The park’s department’s budget request looks to dedicate $20 million for improvements at Ala Moana beach park alone. Irrigating the great lawn, fixing rocky beach areas, repairing improving parking are just a few of the improvements being made.

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