Keiki, lawmakers join together at ‘Kick Butts Day’ keiki rally at State Capitol

The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii, a program of Hawaii Public Health Institute, held its annual Kick Butts Day youth rally at the State Capitol Monday.

Monday’s rally comes three days after national Kick Butts Day, on March 17, when kids stand up against tobacco.

Hawaii’s event focused on #BreatheAloha, a campaign to protect keiki from the dangers of inhaling secondhand smoke in vehicles.

Students, teachers, and community members urged state legislators to pass a bill that would prohibit smoking in personal vehicles whenever keiki are present.

“It’s just really trying to protect them from secondhand smoke,” said Jessica Yamauchi with Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii. “A car is a very confined space, so we want to do everything we can to protect our kids.”

Under the bill, anyone caught breaking the law would pay a $100 fine.

A similar bill was introduced last year, but failed in the last few minutes of the session.

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