Elderly residents plead for help after building’s lone elevator left broken for days

UPDATE 3/24/17: We’re told the part came in and the elevator was fixed Friday afternoon.

Residents of an elderly housing facility are running out of patience.

The lone elevator in their building has been out of service for over a week.

Philip Street Elderly Housing in McCully is a seven-story building with 32 units.

Residents say the elevator motor broke down nine days ago and they’re still waiting for the replacement part.

A frustrated resident called Action Line to get help.

A working elevator is critical for the residents there. They say they’re upset that there doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency from the elevator company in getting it fixed.

Francis Yee is 79 years old and lives on the fifth floor. He considers himself lucky that he’s still in good enough shape to go up and down the stairs.

But he worries.

“If you carry something, it’s scary, especially if I try to do my laundry,” he said. “I just carried the laundry basket down with my clothes and I have to go really slow because one slip and you go right down the stairs.”

Patrecia Nordman lives on the second floor, but she doesn’t have it any easier.

“(It’s been) very hard,” she said. “I have three bulging disks. I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). I have many physical ailments, and so I have to carry my walker down the stairs and carry it back again.”

This is an independent living facility, so the residents here are on their own and really don’t count on anybody else for the daily tasks, whether it’s picking up groceries or going to the doctor’s office.

“I have to leave the apartment because of my dog. I don’t have a choice,” Nordman said. “This gentleman here, he had to call the fire department to get back up in his apartment.”

We reached out to the building manager, who told us she can’t comment so we had to call the corporate office in California. Nobody answered.

We also called the elevator company who then referred us back to the building manager.

Residents got a letter from the building manager saying the earliest the part will arrive is this past Tuesday. As of Thursday, it has not arrived, and they’ve been told that the part might have been lost in the mail.

“There was no tracking number on it, because they mailed it express and they didn’t have any way to track it. They don’t know where it is,” Nordman said.

We tried to get answers as to when that part might arrive, but nobody’s talking.

For now, residents are just hoping it’s sooner than later.

“You could get seriously hurt,” Yee said. “That’s the dangerous part of it. If you fall and you get really bad shape, that’s the dangerous part.”

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