Bishop Museum unveils new Hulia Ano exhibit

Photo provided by Bishop Museum

A new exhibit has taken over Hawaiian Hall at the Bishop Museum.

Hulia ‘Ano, inspired patterns will be on display through the fall.

Friday morning on Wake Up 2day, Marques Hanalei Marzan, the cultural advisor for the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, joined us in studio to talk about the exhibit.

Marzan says Hulia ‘Ano examines the nature of an object in pattern, shape and form.

In keeping with the aesthetic emphasis of the show, displays are organized on the basis of design motifs, in contrast with the more conventional contexts of function or material. Each exhibit case throughout Hulia ‘Ano is represented by a single Hawaiian word and its many definitions.

Bishop Museum partnered with five contemporary artists embodying a range of Hawaiian cultural backgrounds. Each of these artists visited Bishop Museum’s collections and drew inspiration for new works created specifically for the Hulia ‘Ano exhibit.

Marzan says Bishop Museum is also including interactive technology in their original exhibits. The Hulia ‘Ano exhibit offers creative outlets, interactive stations that enable visitors to create their own Hawaiian design motifs while drawing inspiration from the accompanying displays of traditional cultural objects.

Using a touch screen, visitors can select and position patterns that are then projected onto a gourd to create a virtual ipu pwehe (decorated gourd container).

At another station, visitors will arrange icons used on historic Hawaiian quilts, such as crowns, pineapples or flowers, to create a design template that is then radiated and projected onto a wall to create a full-scale quilt design.

Marzan says the combination of repeated and mixed designs will allow visitors to produce beautiful and surprising patterns.

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