Warning for online daters after match turned out to be criminal on the run

If you think you’ve found your certain someone though a dating website or app, you might want to check a few things first.

If not, you run risks more serious than just having a bad first date.

A viewer contacted us through the Report It form on our website about a woman who started dating a man she met on the dating app Tinder.

Turns out, that man was a criminal on the loose and on Hawaii’s Most Wanted list.

So what can you do to make sure that the person you’re about to meet is really who they say they are?

Cybersecurity expert Chris Duque says there are all types of reputable dating apps and websites out there, but you can’t count on them to keep you safe.

You have to do your own homework to cut down on any unnecessary heartaches.

“That time that you do on your research is going to provide some security and prevent some heartaches in the end, or worse yet, being a victim of something more heinous,” Duque said.

First thing to do is search for the person’s name. Put the full name in quotes and add pertinent information to narrow down the search.

How do you know if that is actually the person’s name? Save your date’s photo, then go back to the search engine and click images. Click on the “search by image” camera icon, and upload the photo you saved. It should match with the name.

Duque says you should then check the name against the sex offender registry and CrimeStoppers to see if that person is a wanted criminal.

You might also want to take it a step further by checking for any court cases in eCourt Kokua. Any offense dealing with domestic violence should be a red flag.

“Who knows, as time progresses, things might go south and you could have been warned about it, because previous relationships reflected they were in some domestic violence relationships,” Duque said.

Duque says you should also check the person’s email with other social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, which can provide additional information.

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