LiveFit: Healthy snack options for you and your keiki

Snacks can be an important part of your diet.

They can provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise — you just have to choose wisely.

In today’s LiveFit segment, Geri Berger, fitness director at Island Club and Spa, is giving us some ideas for healthy “smart snacks.”

“A lot of times, people’s go-to snack is chips,” Berger said. Instead of grabbing a regular bag of potato chips, Berger recommends protein-rich chips or rice cakes.

There are also healthy options for those with a sweet tooth.

Again, Berger advises, look for protein. Opt for a protein bar or “The Complete Cookie,” which offers 16 grams of protein.

“You always want to balance out your meals with a little bit of protein, a little bit of carbs,” she said.

Her favorite sweet snack: a serving of Arctic Zero or Halo Top — both of which, Berger says, are low in fat and low on the glycemic index — with a drizzle of sugar-free hot fudge sauce and pieces of protein brownie.

Looking for a healthy alternative for your keiki? Berger recommends making your own sugar-free pudding popsicles, or picking up flavored sparkling water instead of soda.

Many of these products are available at your nearest grocery store or at GNC.

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