Brazen suspects steal diamonds from jewelry store, use ax to break cases

Honolulu police are looking for two men, possibly three, suspected of taking diamonds and jewelry from a store in the Waimalu Plaza.

At 12:26 p.m. Saturday, a man is buzzed into Pacific Diamond Wedding Rings. Another man followed him inside, and the two men stole from the jewelry store.

The store is located in the same shopping center as a police substation.

The whole incident was caught on the store’s surveillance video.

On the video, an employee can be seen walking towards the door while the first suspect, wearing sunglasses and a beanie, immediately starts smashing display cases with a ax.

The suspect begins with cases closest to the window before getting to the other cases throughout the store.

The second suspect, wearing a hat and bandanna around his face, then starts to place the diamonds and jewelry inside a bag.

Ted Gonzales, the owner of the store says, “all my jewelry, diamonds, chains… it’s just so unbelievable, so brazen. 12:30 in the afternoon, the parking lot is full with people, they bust through they break all my showcases. They take all my jewelry and they walk out the front door.”

Once all the display cases were smashed, the first suspect puts the ax down to prop the door open. He then helps the other suspect put items in the bag, even carrying some display trays in his hands. He then picks up the ax and they both leave through the front door.

The video also shows an employee enter a safe room and push a button before letting her coworker inside. She then picks up the phone while the other woman appears to breathing heavily and covers her mouth.

Charles Howard took video with his cell phone. Howard was in parking lot when he saw the suspects breaking the glass and then get into a silver colored Honda SUV.

“I seen a gentleman exit the store with a bag, blue t-shirt, big sunglasses, and a couple bags. It looks like they were using a sickle to break open the glass,” says Howard.

Police found the SUV on Uahi Street and told KHON2 the vehicle was reported stolen and the engine was running when it was abandoned there. It appears there are red stains, likely blood, on the driver’s side door handle and on the driver’s side seat.

Gonzales has been in business at this location for two years. He tells us none of the employees were injured, and he did not have an estimate on how much was stolen.

“There are some identifiable marks on these diamonds that they have taken that we will be able to distinguish that they came directly from this showroom,” says Gonzales.

Police have not released any suspect information at this time.

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