Did you know there’s a rice craze in Kakaako?

There’s a rice craze going on in Kakaako.

How do we know?

Business has doubled in tonnage in less than a year at The Rice Factory.

The store opened last June on Kawaiahao Street.

It sells five kinds of rice, all from Japan, and mills it on property.

You can buy your choice of rice 100-percent milled, which is white rice, 70-percent milled, 50-percent which is like hapa rice, 10-percent milled which is called quick brown rice, or not milled, which is full brown rice.

Owners say last year, they were bringing in seven to eight tons of rice per month and now they’re up to 15 tons per month.

“This one called nanatsuboshi from Hokkaido is tough, little bit tough, light taste, so good for sushi, even cold taste better so good for sushi musubi,” said Kaori Kobayashi, manager and dietician at The Rice Factory. “This one, yumepirika, also from Hokkaido, so fluffy, soft and sweet taste. Those two are so different.”

There’s also 100-percent organic rice from Yamagata, Koshihikari rice which is so popular it’s called the “king of rice,” and sweet mochi rice.

The Rice Factory recommends soaking white rice in water and the quick brown rice for 30 minutes in water before cooking.

It also recommends refrigerating your uncooked rice. They say for white rice, eat it within a month in the summer and within one to two months in the winter.

The Rice Factory also sells a rice powder used in Japanese pickling, face scrubs, or in smoothies.

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