Thomas Square’s 6 month project just the start of the city’s plan

Thomas Square

How much is renovation work at Thomas Square costing?

Hawaii’s oldest park has been undergoing renovations and maintenance work since December 2016. It should be finished by this summer, but there’s an even bigger project in the works.

Thomas Square is blocked off for a maintenance project that includes removing the mock orange hedge, grading work, installing a new irrigation system, pruning the banyan trees, getting rid of the unhealthy trees, and replacing the grass.

This maintenance project cost approximately $1.2 million. But eventually the city wants to do even more to restore this park.

Thomas Square is a 6.5 acre park. It’s a green, peaceful area in the middle of busy Honolulu.

It was established in 1843, and it’s where a ceremony to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom was held. The park was named after Admiral Thomas by King Kamehameha III.

During World War II, the U.S. Army built barracks at Thomas Square to house troops.

In more recent years, it’s where the Occupy Honolulu protest was held, and where homeless people would stay.

But there’s a plan now to make major improvements to Thomas Square, estimated to cost the city $4.7 million.

According to the Department of Enterprise Services, proposals include:

  • Restoring the fountain $700,000
  • Moving the perimeter sidewalks to the inside, and making them wider to encourage people to walk or ride their bikes through the park $700,000
  • Making improvements to the restroom, and adding a new concession or storage building $950,000
  • Adding more lights to the park $600,000
  • New hardscape, planting beds, and grassed areas along the Beretania Street side of the park $800,000

The Thomas Square Conceptual Master Plan calls to “restore the square, honor the past, and enhance for modern use.”

The project is going through an environmental assessment before moving forward. The city hopes to finish it before the 175th anniversary of the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom on July 31, 2018.

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