One man dead, another critically hurt after car overturns in Waianae drainage ditch

Another tragedy on the roadway early this morning has the community urging drivers to slow down.

One man is dead and another man in critical condition after a single car crash on Waianae Valley Road.

The car overturned and landed in a drainage ditch, and both men had to be extricated by firefighters from the wreckage.

“Speed is a possible in this case. The vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed, lost control, and ended up going into the embankment and the stream at that time,” said Lt. Andre Peters with Honolulu police’s traffic division.

Residents say it’s a constant problem on that road, so drivers need to slow down to prevent more tragedies.

They’re making a plea to everyone, not just the drivers, to promote safety on the roadways.

Friends and family members identified the driver who died as 29-year-old James Gouveia. The passenger is a 34-year-old man who has not been identified. Loved ones gathered at the crash site today to mourn, but also hoping for more answers as to how this happened.

James Gouveia

“Love your loved one because you never know when they might be taken from you know just love your loved ones and if anybody has information or seen anything please go to the police and come forward because we need closure,” Gouveia’s cousin.

The family says there might have been another car involved. Honolulu Police say it happened around 3:30 a.m. and the driver was likely speeding and lost control. Just to give you an idea of the impact of the crash there were two boulders here and they wound up, one over there and another one over there.

“Drive with love, drive with respect and aloha. Stay off your phones that’s the most important thing. Just be vigilant at all time because you never know you may be that person that can save someone’s life,” says Medeiros.

Residents say drivers speed along Waianae Valley Road all the time and there have been many accidents, especially late at night. Community leaders along with Gouveia’s family say everybody needs to do their part to prevent these tragedies.

“Better aware of driving better aware of crossing the street better aware of people who are so there are so many ways we need to come at this so I hope that everyone is in it for the long haul cause there’s not gonna be one solution that solves this it’s gonna be all of us coming together and continually working at this problem,” says State Rep. Andria Tupola.

The Hawaii Bicycling League is all too aware of the problem and has organized a rally to promote road safety tomorrow. The group will also meet with the community to try and come up with solutions.

“To talk about what can be done in engineering, education, and enforcement that might prevent something like this from happening again,” Chad Taniguchi.

That rally is scheduled to start from Saint John’s Road at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, April 15. Area residents are encouraged to attend.

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