Turtle recovers after being stabbed on Kauai

Courtesy Don Heacock

A green sea turtle stabbed on Kauai was released back into the wild after making a full recovery.

The incident happened on Thursday near Nawiliwili.

Department of Land and Natural Resources officials said a 39-year-old Kauai man was seen using a knife and large rock to strike the turtle, and tried to pry open the shell.

A witness reported the incident to Kauai police who called DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement.

The turtle was turned over to the DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources marine biologist for observation.

“When I picked the turtle up, it was listless, limp, but still breathing. I held it in captivity Thursday night, Friday night, and it already started to perk up and becoming much more active,” Don Heacock, DLNR, said.

The male was cited for take of endangered species §13-124-11(1).

Prohibited activities. (a) With respect to endangered and threatened species of wildlife except as provided in subsection (c) or as permitted by the department, no person shall or attempt to: (1) Take, possess, process, sell, offer for sale, or transport any such species, any young or egg, or the dead body or skin thereof within the State.

All sea turtles are protected by federal and state laws.

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