Woman hopes irreplaceable items returned after heartbreaking Makapuu theft

Credit: Kelcie Ibbetson

A North Shore woman is hoping a thief will have a change of heart after some cherished belongings were stolen over the weekend.

Someone broke into Kelcie Ibbetson’s car at the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail on Saturday.

The thief stole bags from the trunk of her car, including sentimental gifts and a bracelet to remember her mother who lost her battle with cancer last August.

They reached out to KHON2 through our Report It feature to help.

Ibbetson said she was shocked when the theft happened because there were dozens of cars in the parking lot, but hers was the only one that appeared to be broken into.

She said the back hatch window was smashed, luggage and other belongings were taken.

Her family spent the night in Waikiki and were headed back to the North Shore, but decided to take a detour at the lighthouse.

Ibbetson said there were three items stolen that aren’t replaceable.

Her mother died last year from colon cancer, and her father had a quilt and pillow case made with her mother’s shirts. A bracelet with a message written in her mother’s handwriting is also gone.

“They can keep all of the electronics. They can keep everything else, the materialist things. But something like that is just really important to me,” Ibbetson said. “It’s a piece of my mom that I really want back.”

Honolulu police said since last November there have been more than two dozen vehicle break-ins at the Kaiwi Trail parking lot. Because of that, police have stepped up patrols in parking lot and nearby areas.

Police encourage people to lock your car doors and windows, do not leave valuables unattended or in plain sight in your vehicle, and they also suggest keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

HPD offers the following safety tips:

  • Lock your car doors and windows
  • Do not leave valuables unattended or in plain sight in your vehicle
  • Don’t park your vehicle in secluded areas
  • Be aware of your surroundings for suspicious persons or activities
  • If you return to your car and find someone suspicious inside or nearby, do not approach. Call 911 immediately.

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