Rat lungworm disease community meetings to be held on Maui

Photo: Susan Jarvi

On Maui, another community meeting is scheduled for next week in Pukalani to give residents an update on the rat lungworm disease.

Concerned citizens gathered Monday night at the Haiku Community Center. Dr. Lorrin Pang of the Maui District Health Office and other officials discussed safety measures on how to prevent the disease from spreading.

“They like to live in dark moist places, so those are the places where you want to focus. you want to find out where they’re living on your property. and be able to know where they are so you can focus your treatments in those areas,” said urban horticulturist Dr. Cynthia Nazario-Leary.

“They did blood work. and that’s when they found the parasitic levels. In the range that it was supposed to be, it was quadrupled. That was only in five days,” said Tricia Mynar who has rat lungworm disease.

The next community meeting will be next Wednesday at the Hannibal Tavares Community Center in Pukalani starting at 5:30 p.m.

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